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Department Goals

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Students who graduate from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Siena College will have achieved the ability to:

  • Master a broad set of chemical knowledge concerning the fundamentals in the basic areas of the discipline (analytical, biochemistry, inorganic, organic and physical chemistry).
  • Solve problems competently by identifying the essential parts of a problem and formulating a strategy for solving the problem. They will be able to rationally estimate the solution to a problem, apply appropriate techniques to arrive at a solution, test the correctness of the solution, and interpret their results.
  • Use computers in data acquisition and processing, and use available software as a tool in data analysis and modeling.
  • Employ modern library search tools to locate and retreive scientific information about a topic, chemical, chemical/biochemical technique, or an issue relating to chemistry or biochemistry.
  • Understand the objective of their chemical and biochemical experiments, properly carry out the experiments, and appropriately record and analyze the results.
  • Understand the theory behind and effectively use standard laboratory equipment, modern instrumentation, and classical techniques to carry out experiments.
  • Know and follow the proper procedures and regulations for safe handling and use of chemicals.
  • Communicate the concepts found within chemistry and/or biochemistry as well as the results of their laboratory experiments with clarity and coherence through effective writing and oral communication skills.
  • Apply chemical principles to phenomena of the natural world.
  • Successfully pursue their career objectives in advanced education in professional and/or graduate schools, in a scientific career in government or industry, in a teaching career in the school systems, or in a related career following graduation.