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Dr. Kevin Rhoads

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Contact Information

Office: MSC 220
Phone: (518) 783-2443


Courses Taught

  • General Chemistry I
    • CHEM 110 and associated lab
  • General Chemistry II
    • CHEM 120 and associated lab
  • Analytical Chemistry I
    • CHEM 225 and associated lab
  • Environmental Chemistry
    • CHEM 230 and associated lab
  • Analytical Chemistry II
    • CHEM 415
  • Integrated Lab III
    • CHEM 416
  • Integrated Lab IV
    • CHEM 426


    Research and Interests

    My research interests concern the fate of anthropogenic substances in the environment and the effects that these materials have on the natural world. This research requires study in the laboratory, as well as at the scale of the ecosystem, and encompasses transport phenomena, geochemical reactions, and the development of reliable analytical methods for use in the field.