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Student Research

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Senior Research Projects, 2013

While many of our Chemistry and Biochemistry majors start research prior to their senior year, Senior Research is a required capstone course. All students present their research at the annual Celebration of Academic Excellence.

Jay Amin and Dr. Daniel Moriarty, Quantifying Protein Content In Various Food Types Via Spectroscopic Analysis And High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Arielle Cross and Dr. Rachel Sterne-Marr, GRK2 Activation: The Role of Activation Loop Serine and Threonine

Andrew Geragotelis and Dr. George L. Barnes, Development of a Potential Energy Surface Suitable for Direct Dynamics Simulations of the Collision between Benzene Radical Cation and a Self-Assembled Monolayer Surface

Stephen A. Jannetti and Dr. George L. Barnes, Proton Transfer and Fragmentation Dynamics in Collisions of N-Protonated Octaglycine with an F-SAM Surface

Joshua C. Kranick, Grace E. Schneller, Nick J. DeMarte, Dr. Jodi L. O’Donnell, and Dr. Lucas J. Tucker, Synthesis of Discotic Liquid Crystalline Porphyrin Precursors

Kathleen A. Leamy, Matthew J. Gunsch, Amanda C. Paske, and Dr. Jodi L. O’Donnell, Highly Discriminatory Electropolymerized Porphyrin Sensors

Anthony Luca and Dr. Lucas Tucker, A Three-Step Green Synthesis of Organic Nanomaterial Precursors

Paige Maccabee and Dr. Jason Hofstein, Determination of the Ro-Vibrational Constants and Bond Lengths of Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Methane and Hydrogen Cyanide Gas through FTIR Analysis.

Timothy J. Masiello, Timothy J. Bright and Dr. Jesse W. Karr, Characterization of Pb2+-bound Synaptotagmin-1.

Chris Medina, Charnelle Francis, and Dr. Rachel Sterne-Marr, Mapping the GRK2 Binding Site on the β2-Adrenergic Receptor

Michael Murphy, Nikolas Zagarella, and Dr. Jason Hofstein, Determination of Artificial Dyes in Mountain Dew Products

Jessica Olson, Khush Asghar, Ann Chacko, and Dr. Stephen Deyrup, Activating Silent Fungal Gene Clusters via Biorational Culturing.

Davin Piispanen and Dr. Jodi O’Donnell, Biomimetic Recognition of Glutamic Acid

Michael Scudder and Dr. Jason Hofstein, Fluorescent Optical Whitener From Laundry Detergent as a Laser Dye Substitute

Carina Takh and Dr. Daniel Moriarty, Designing a Lab to Study the Comparative Proteomics of Fish using Electrophoresis Techniques

Michael A. Taglia and Dr. Kristopher Kolonko, Development of Microwave Heating in the Alkylation of Aromatic Compounds