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Environmental Studies

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About the Environmental Studies Department at Siena

Environmental Studies is an applied discipline that attempts to solve environmental problems created by increasing human numbers and excessive resource consumption. Thus it covers a broad array of issues, ranging from ecosystem degradation to pollution to energy to urban planning.

One thing we have learned about environmental issues is that their resolution requires a multidisciplinary approach. There is almost always some scientific expertise needed to understand an environmental problem - an understanding of ecosystem process or chemical reaction, for example. However, most decisions that affect the environment are made because of political and economic considerations rather than scientific ones, and so these subjects are also of critical importance.

In addition, we at Siena believe that appropriate environmental decisions depend upon a solid ethical foundation. There are actions that are right or wrong. We need to examine and understand our values in order to reach correct positions. Human choices about the environment are not value-neutral, nor should they be.

Environmental Studies is the newest department within the School of Science at Siena. Our webpages are under construction, please check ENVA Home as we build an informative overview of this exciting new department.