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PENGUIn Workshop 2009

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Agenda (Updated May 6, 2009 9:58 AM)

May 7, 2009

Meeting Location: Campus Center (Room 240)

08:30 AM        Light Breakfast

08:45 AM        Introduction to Workshop, Al Weatherwax (Siena)

09:00 AM        Introduction to NJIT, Dr. Dale Gary (NJIT)

09:10 AM        Overview of Funding Status, Al Weatherwax

09:20 AM        Review of 2008/2009 Field Season (Discussion Leader: Al Weatherwax)

  • Automatic Geophysical Observatories (AGO)
    • Bob Melville (NJIT)
  • Low Power Magnetometers (LPM)
    •  Bob Clauer (Virginia Tech)
  • Autonomous Real-time Remote Observatory (ARRO)
    • Paul Riley & Marc Lessard (UNH)
  • Ultra Low Power ELF/VLF Platforms
    • Umran Inan/ & Maria Spasojevic (Stanford)

10:30 AM        Break

11:00 AM        High Level Overview of Science Plans (Discussion Leader: Maria Spasojevic (Stanford))

  • Team Action Item: Each group needs to submit one slide in advance so we can compile them into one document and take turns going around the room with a brief discussion. Thank you for those who already provided a slide.
  • Overview of the recent meeting in Oslo on dayside cusp and polar cap ionosphere.
    • Marc Lessard (UNH)

12:30 PM        Lunch at Eberhardt Hall

02:00 PM        Engineering Breakout Session
    • Support into the future and  possible redesign?
    • Legacy support for units in the field as well as software for database/ground support.
    • What improvements can be made?
  • Stilts
    •  UNH will need to finalize design for ARRO “jackable” stilt design
    • Discuss with field members advantages/disadvantages of current AGO design.
    • What can we add/change to our current design to address current issues.
  • Ground Support
    • Where will the ground support hardware (antenna, hardware etc) exist for AGO?
    • Where will the ground support hardware (antenna, hardware etc) exist for ARRO?
  • Database for and data availability of data for ARRO and LPM. 
    • Does it make sense to merge this into the system already available at Augsburg and if so what would UNH need to provide to accomplish this.
  • Future ARRO/AGO/LPM installations.
    •  What can be learned from AGO/LPM  field crew to provide improvements for future installation
    • Where can we overlap with respect to AGO/ARR/LPM O design to ease with support and design knowledge in the field.
    •  Discussion on power systems of all systems and AWP future availability

02:00 PM        Recent Science Results, Event Studies, and Collaborative Projects

The following talks are not intended to be AGU is style. We want a workshop atmosphere.

  • VLF Transmitter Science Update and Plans
    • Umran Inan (Stanford)
  • Drivers of Chorus in the Outer Dayside Magnetosphere
    • Maria Spasojevic (Stanford)
  • Coordinated dayside observations with AGO-s and the NASA THEMIS satellites.
    • Stephen Mende (Berkeley)
  • A comparison of ground and satellite observations of Pi1B pulsations
    • Marc Lessard (UNH)
  • AGO observations of Pc12 ducting.
    • Marc Lessard (UNH)
  • Conjugate Magnetic Observations
    • Bob Clauer (VT)
  • Thermospheric Hemispheric Asymmetries
    • Aaron Ridley (U. of Michigan)
  • New comparisons between the MHD code and ground-based magnetometers
    • Aaron Ridley (U. of Michigan)
  • Imaging, Estimation, and Analysis of Density Distributions in the Conjugate Polar Ionospheres: A proposal to install GPS receivers
    • David Murr (Augsburg)
  • AGO Weather Summaries and Science
    • Noel Petit (Augsburg)
  • MF Emissions
    • Jim LaBelle (Dartmouth)
  • Polar Cap and PCS Indices
    • Al Weatherwax (Siena)

05:30 PM         Tour “AGO” Lab (time permitting)

06:30 PM         Group Dinner

May 8, 2009

Meeting Location:  Campus Center (Room 225)

08:30 AM        Light Breakfast (Room TBD)

09:00 AM        Review of Science Discussions and Action Items (Al Weatherwax, Maria Spasojevic)

09:15 AM        Review of Engineering Breakout Session (Bob Melville, Paul Riley, William Rachelson)

09:30 AM        Engineering, Data and Housekeeping Discussions

Please make suggestions and comments.

Updated: May 6, 2009 9:58 AM