Academic Programs

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Overview of Academic Programs

The Physics Major

The Department of Physics aims to develop in its students a comprehensive grasp of the principles of physics. The program emphasizes the concepts and techniques that have led to our present state of understanding of the physical universe. The department offers a flexible and comprehensive program. Placed in the context of a liberal arts environment, the generality and applicability of Physics grant the major three broad options upon graduation. He or she is well prepared to pursue graduate study in Physics or an allied field, to embark immediately upon a professional career in science, or to enter one of the numerous careers which require or are enhanced by a broad knowledge of science in today's technological society.

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The Physics Education Major

The department also offers a major in Physics Education.

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The Physics 3/2 Major

The department offers a 3/2 major in physics for students who want to pursue engineering. Students in this program spend their first 3 years at Siena and then transfer to a participating engineering school to complete an additional 2 years. At the end of 4 years, the student receives her bachelor's from Siena, and at the end of five years, the student receives a BS in engineering.

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Minors and Concentrations

The department also offers a minor and an alternate track for students interested in combining Physics with Biology or Chemistry.

Internships and Research

Many students participate in a well-established internship program or work with faculty members on independent research projects.

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