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Annual Fall Department Dinner

The faculty and students met at Wolf's 111 Restaurant for an evening of fun, food and video games. We had a record turn out, with over 45 students, faculty and family members attending!

Student Research

Erin O'Malley presented results from her summer REU at the Fall meeting of the Astronomical Society of New York.

Small Satellite Takes on Large Thunderstorms

Firefly November 17, 2008: Siena College and the Goddard Space Flight Center were jointly awarded a $1 million National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to lead a new satellite mission, called 'Firefly,' that will explore the elusive link between lightning and sudden bursts of high-energy radiation in Earth’s upper atmosphere. Read more...

"Integrating innovative and creative educational efforts with front-line research is what NSF is all about," said NSF Deputy Director Kathie L. Olsen. "The new CubeSat program uses the transformational technology of CubeSats to do just that. The Firefly mission is a terrific example of a program that will pursue scientific discovery, while providing unique and inspiring educational opportunities." NSF Press Release...