Dr. Rose Finn

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Contact Information

Office: Roger Bacon 227
Email: rose.a.finn at gmail.com
Phone: (518) 782-6764
Website: http://www.sos.siena.edu/~rfinn


Courses Taught

PHYS-010 Astronomy
PHYS-110 General Physics Ia
PHYS-120 General Physics IIa
PHYS-130 General Physics I
PHYS-140 General Physics II
PHYS-400 Astrophysics
PHYS-370 Astrophysics I
PHYS-372 Astrophysics II
PHYS-382 Observational Astronomy


Research and Interests

Galaxy Evolution
Galaxy Clusters
Science Education

I have long thought that anyone who does not regularly - or ever - gaze up and see the wonder and glory of a dark night sky filled with countless stars loses a sense of their fundamental connectedness to the universe.

-Brian Greene