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Jon P. Bannon

Department of Mathematics

Siena College

Office: Roger Bacon 440
Phone: (518) 783-2394
Current Office Hours: Wednesday 1:30-4:30 pm, Friday 10:15 am - 12:15 pm

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Research Statement

Teaching Statement



(2019) Full Factors and Co-Amenable Inclusions (w/Amine Marrakchi and Narutaka Ozawa)
(2019) A Note on Coarse Bimodules (w/ Kunal Mukherjee and Panchugopal Bikram)
(2016)The Correlation Numerical Range and Trace-Positive Complex Polynomials (w/ Eli Bashwinger and Mohammad Javaheri)
(2015) Weak Mixing and Property (T) for von Neumann Algebras (w/ Jan Cameron and Stuart White)
(2015) The Modular Symmetry of Markov Maps (w/ Jan Cameron and Kunal Mukherjee)
(2015) On Noncommutative Joinings (w/ Jan Cameron and Kunal Mukherjee)
(2011) A Note on Moments in Finite von Neumann Algebras (w/ Don Hadwin and Maureen Jeffery)
(2011) On the Spectrum of Banach Algebra-Valued Entire Functions (w/Rongwei Yang and Pat Cade)
(2011) Some Remarks on Haagerup's approximation property (w/ Junsheng Fang)
(2010) A Note on Non-Residually Solvable Hyperlinear One-Relator Groups (w/ Nick Noblett)
(2010) A Non-Residually Solvable Hyperlinear One-Relator Group
(2007) A Følner invariant for type II factors (w/ Mohan Ravichandran)
(2005) Transitive families of projections in factors of type II1

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